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Court Reporting

We certainly do pride ourselves on flexibility, and can assure you that we've got your needs covered. We are willing to appear wherever you may need us. Whether it be at your office, our office, the deponent's home, the deponent's job, the jail, at the hospital, at a meeting, online, or anywhere else you can think of. Evening and weekend hours are also available. Let us know your needs, so we can work something out.


Need something transcribed?  If you have an audio recording that you need produced into a certified, complete and accurate transcript, a court reporter is the one to call. Outside of court proceedings, we also transcribe meetings, jail calls, voicemails, 9-1-1 calls, body cam footage, police interviews, and this is just to name a few.

Records Pickup

This service is provided to clients who may need to exchange voluminous discovery, and may have the need of records being picked up from an expert witness.  We will pick up the records for you, and deliver them to your office.

Mobile Notary

For personal use or professional use, we've got you covered.  Providing general notary work such as Power of Attorney, Form I-9, divorce forms, employment forms, school forms, adoption forms, hospital forms, insurance forms, and forms for private investigators; just to name a few.  If you are in need of a notarial act, feel free to contact us. We also offer same day mobile notary services.

Pro Se Litigants | We gladly offer court reporting services to paying pro se litigants. Please give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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